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44 %

Change in Transaction Volume

For listings sold in Q2 '24 vs. Q1 '24Percentage increase or decrease in the volume of sold transactions compared to the previous quarter for this ZIP code

8 %

Change in Median Price

For listings sold in Q2 '24 vs. Q1 '24Percentage increase or decrease in the median price of sold transactions compared to the previous quarter for this ZIP code

6 %

Change in Median PPSFe

For listings sold in Q2 '24 vs. Q1 '24Percentage increase or decrease in the median price per square foot for sold transactions over the previous quarter for this ZIP code


Median Days on Market

For listings sold in Q2 '24 vs. Q1 '24Median number of days from when a property was first listed until it went into contract compared to the previous quarter for this ZIP code

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Verrado and victory
Homes For Sale 

Full Service in Verrado For A 1.5% Listing Commission

Let Me Remove The Stress Of Home Searching and Selling

Welcome to my web site.  I'm here to assist and remove the stress from both your home search and the process of selling your home.  My team and I serve communities and neighborhoods in Greater Phoenix area with full service brokerage services for both buyers and sellers.  Keeping our clients at the fore front of real estate technology is our goal, but also delivering all this with a personal touch you won't find anywhere else.  

Did you know you can sign up for a FREE account to receive notifications when new homes come on the market.  It's a quick and simple way to keep track of properties, and receive updates on new properties that meet your search criteria.  You can search using a variety of different criteria (or exclude them) and request a showing on any listings you would like to see in person.  You see every home or condo listed on the MLS with local amenities, school reports and Google street views and so much more. Get Started With Your Home Search Today!

Trade In Your Home And Become A Cash Buyer

As a certified HomeLight agent, I can assist you with the sale and purchase of a new home through the Trade-In program.  Contact me for me information on this program that will put you ahead of the competition when looking to purchase your new home.

NEW: Renovate Before You Sell Your Verrado Home

Renovate Your Home Before Your List And Pay At Closing

The real estate market has shifted more towards buyer, and sellers are now in a price war and a beauty contest.  Don't let deferred updates keep you from maximizing your selling price and limit how quickly your home will sell.  My Revamp program will allow you to complete those updates, and pay for them at closing.  Click the image above to learn more.

Real Estate Marketing For Selling Your Home Has Changed

My team provides a higher level of service, utilizing the latest technology and marketing, which goes beyond what most other brokerages are doing; but many home sellers don't always understand why this is important.  This is your biggest asset, and even in a busy market, needs to have the proper tools at work to maximize your selling price and lower your days on market.  Once you see first hand everything I offer, you'll quickly realize the power of my home seller marketing system.  I have put together one of the most comprehensive marketing plans around, and utilize  to get your home sold as quickly as possible, and leverage all available technology to both market and communicate with YOU every step of the way. Contact me today to learn how you can leverage my technology, service and marketing to get your home sold quickly and efficiently ... READ MORE


+ Buyer's Agent Commission

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